Author: INFO   Date Posted:17 March 2018 

Wash and care instructions

Minky is a very durable fabric the only thing that wears it out faster is HEAT in the cleaning process. So…..

WASH your items in cold water, and NEVER USE liquid fabric softeners! Heavy Soaps and Softeners will cling to the fibres and will drastically reduce the softness. Vinegar is an excellent fabric softener and can be used as a substitute. Just add to the “fabric softener” dispenser.

AIR DRY when possible. Tumble dry without heat, you can use a Low Heat, however any heat can increase static and reduce the softness slightly. When using a tumble dryer to dry pull the item out of the dryer before it is 100% dry, take it out at about 90% dry to avoid excessive static cling and lay/hang it to dry the rest of the way. A light misting with plain water in a spray bottle will remove static cling.