Minky N More is your place to go for premium quality Minky Fabric, with over 38colours and 74 fabrics available in the base ranges of smooth and dot fabrics, my own fabric printed locally, the Special Buy Prints, Embossed fabrics and my own custom print Labels and Tags. Delivering across Australia. Check out the most frequently asked questions to learn more about what I do. Please contact me if there’s anything else that you’d like to know.




My Minky fabric comes in varying widths from over 150cm to 160cm, there can be a slight variance from batch to batch. It is manufactured just for me to my own exacting specifications and is much thicker and softer than most minky currently available in Australia. My Special Buy fabrics will have the widths listed in each fabrics discription.

When ordering select 1 of 1 metre and 1 of 1.5 metres, I will combine both amounts into one whole piece 2.5 meters long. I will not send separate cuts of the same colour unless requested.

Yes, I am happy to send you a sample of the colour/s to check before finalising your order. Email me at info@minkynmore.com.au with the colour/s you would like and include your name and postal address.

I can be contacted via email at info@minkynmore.com.au

Unfortunately not. I do not operate a store front, all orders are dispatched for delivery directly to you.

I aim to dispatch within two business days of orders being completed, mostly I have them on their way the next day. There may be times when due to illness or family responsibilities that I am unable to, if this should happen I will endeavour to contact you ASAP to advise when dispatch will be.  I will place a notification on the website front page for any planned absences at least 2-4 weeks before the event.

I have the fabric manufactured just for me to my own specifications and colour selections, it is thicker and softer than most minky normally available in Australia and the softness and texture are of a Premium quality.                  My Special Buy fabrics will have the details listed on each product discription as they all differ.

Fabric Weight is 300GSM, length of Pile is 3mm and the width varies between 150-160cm.

You can order up to approximately 50 metres ( the average length of a full bolt) in one uncut piece of fabric.