Our Minky fabric is thicker and softer than most available in Australia,  now in stock there are 35 base range fabrics and 20 print and embossed fabrics to choose from to create your own handmade items.

Minky N More is the direct importer and supplier of luxuriously thick and super soft premium quality Minky fabric, there are no middle men so prices are kept to a minium. Thicker than others in Australia with a 295gsm and a 3mm pile and widths up to 160cm. Ideal for presents, cuddly blankets, heirloom quilts, baby items, surprises, keepsakes. Minky smooth is a cuddly and extremely comfortable fabric. It is made with 100% fine poly chenille yarn which creates a super soft to touch fabric. Minky is used a lot for baby items like onsies, sleeping bags, trousers and pullovers, rompers, baby blankets, wraps, caps, and mittens. It has a knitted back and a soft velvety front, the stretch gives it just the right amount of flexibility for these outfits. Other uses for Minky can include heirloom quilts, keepsakes, presents, pet items, amazing jackets, ponchos, sweaters, turtle necks, track and leisure suits, workout clothes, upholstery items and for many other uses in your DIY projects.  

How Minky N More came about

Having learnt to sew from my mother as a young girl and to get a great deal of satisfaction from creating I have continued to sew for my family and friends and now for my grandchildren. There is no better feeling than that of giving a gift and hearing the comment, "oh feel how soft and cuddly this blanket is". Minky is a wonderful fabric for making super soft items for all ages such as blankets and throws, toys, home accessories, clothing and apparel, baby accessories, weighted blankets, pets beds and accesories and anything that is touched a lot. It does not shrink, fade or loose its shape and lasts for years.

In 2016 I could no longer buy the quality minky in the colours that I wanted so I began the search to source the fabric myself and import it directly, in late 2016 my first range, made to my colour selectios and specifications of 295gsm and 3mm pile, arrived and I hope that this fabric will impress you with its luxuriously soft thick fullness and vibrant new colour range. Future styles and colours will continue to be added and different products also, hence the "N More", starting with tags so you can finish off your creations with a little bit of extra "love" as the maker. So look out for our new products coming through.

This is a family run business and we make the commitment to offer you, the customer, direct from the importer sales at good prices on premium quality fabrics delivered with great service and minimal fuss so that you're happy with your product and the total experience of dealing with Minky N More. Our aim  is to have all orders fulfilled and despatched within two business days after an order has been completed. I am contactable by email and will endeavour to reply as soon as possible to your enquiry.

As there is a direct supply chain of - manufacturer - Minky N More - you, there are no middle men markups so our prices are kept to the lowest we can offer to every customer. 

I hope that as the range grows the variety and number of your own special creations will also grow.

Happy creating!!!


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